Benedictine Spirituality

St. Scholastica’s College – Westgrove is a school for the Lord’s service. A Scholastican appreciates the Gospel Values that St. Benedict (St. Scholastica’s Twin Brother) lived. As a young man, he was sent to Rome for his studies, but seeing the moral degradation, especially among the young; he fled and sought solitude in the cave of Subiaco. This part of St. Benedict’s life encourages every Scholastican to seek the essentials of life where true joy is rooted in Christ and the Gospel Values.

St. Benedict calls on every Scholastican to be conscious of her stewardship over the good. To recognize, make use of and to share what she has been given for the good of all. A Scholastican is empowered to live life to the fullest in a simple and hospitable way.

To live a life of balance and harmony of prayer, work and leisure.